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10/18/12 Minutes


The Missouri  City, MO., City Council met at 7:30 pm on 10/8/12 at City Hall.  Those present were Council members Barry Moore (Mayor Pro-Tem), Monte Railey (Acting City Clerk), Joe Selle and Janet Kaczmarek, and City Treasurer Wyanda Talley.  Citizen Jay Jackson was in the gallery.

Bills to be allowed:
Deffenbaugh Disposal Service: $1,11012
Public Water District Number 4: $1,640.12
KCP&L: bill not received yet
Jim Talley: $240.24 for water meter reading
Wyanda Talley: $412.40 for City Treasurer
Brandon Gray: $190.18 for water bill collection
Monte Railey:  $225.21 for Acting City Clerk
Internal Revenue Service: $857.01 for 3rd quarter payroll taxes
Division of Employment Security: $141.41 for 3rd quarter payment
Joe Selle: 315.60 for mowing and street maintenance
Councilwoman Kaczmarek made motion to pay bills, seconded by Councilman Selle.  Motion passed.

Street sign for Broadway and Walnut is up.  Others to be finished soon.

Nothing new from AGC regarding water project.  More details of costs, loan, grants, etc. expected this month.

Mayor Pro-Tem Moore requested job descriptions for City Treasurer and City Clerk for posting of job openings.  Treasurer Wyanda Talley provided City Treasurer description.  Acting City Clerk Monte Railey will work up job description for that position prior to the November meeting.

Jim Talley will be provided key to City truck to use for water reading and meter in/out.
Joe Selle will have the truck serviced.

Barry Moore is still researching possible replacement for water bill program.

Joe Selle will check with Clay County to determine if the county is sending constituent letters explaining change in Missouri City tax collection from the city to the county.  If they are not, the city will in November.

Barry Moore will follow up with City Attorney to verify process to raise water rates.  Water rates have not changed since prior to 1993.

The Mayor and City Clerk will work on a letter to water customers explaining reasons for rate increase due to pending new water system.

The Council discussed scenarios and criteria to work with customers making efforts to communicate and pay their water bills.  Pulling meters of long time unpaid users will begin soon.    Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray at 816-496-0199 will be the contact for those with questions regarding notice to pull meters.  The Council will review details in November.

Jay Jackson asked about status of proposed work day for City Hall repairs.  He and Joe Selle will assess damages and determine materials needed before date is set.
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Monte Railey – Acting City Clerk

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