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11/12/12 Minutes

11/12/12         Missouri City, MO, City Council Minutes

The Missouri City, Missouri, City Council met on November 12th, 2012, at the 7:30 pm in the MCAA Building.  Attending:  Councilmen Barry Moore (also serving as Mayor Pro-tem), Joe Selle, Monte Railey (serving as Acting City Clerk), Treasurer Wyanda Talley and Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray.  Citizens Paul Nash and Dennis Roberts were in the gallery.

Bills to be allowed:

Monte Railey – $225.21 City Clerk
KCP&L – $648.38
Midway Ford – $273.76 annual truck maintenance
Deputy Tom Morrison – $101.89 October patrol
Deputy Tyler Edwards – $216.80 October patrol
Steven Wolcott – $87.50 City Attorney
Joe Selle – $389.30 mowing and road maintenance

Brandon Gray – $190.18 Water bill collection
Public Water District #4 – $1,844.75 Water bill collection
Wyanda Talley – $412.40 City Treasurer
Jim Talley Jr – $240.24 Water meter reading
Deffenbaugh Industries – $1,110.12 Trash pick up
Councilman Selle made motion to pay bills, seconded by Councilman Railey.  Motion passed.

The Council explained Clay County Deputy expenses for citizens Denny Roberts and Paul Nash.

Testing Water samples for lead has been completed and submitted to the state.

Water project : Mayor Pro-tem Moore will meet with City Attorney Steven Wolcott to confirm process for proposing water rate increase.  AGC reports they expect a no cost grant of $500,000.00 to be approved.  The remainder of expenses would be covered by 30 year low interest loan.  Based on that, water rates would increase to approximately $80.00 for 5,000 gallons.  AGC wants to know how citizens feel about that figure.  Citizens in attendance said they understand need for increase, but are concerned about some low income residents.  AGC also needs final Levy Election figures for grant and loan applications.  Councilman Railey will contact the Clay County Election Boards for the figures and to verify details of process for Spring 2013 City election.

Paul Nash asked if our water supply source is tested for chemical leaching in groundwater near South Liberty wells.  Councilman Moore will forward question to AGC.

Councilman Railey reported that trash dumped between Hwy 210 and the Walnut/Stillhouse Rd intersection has been picked up by MoDot.

A draft of the City Clerk job description was presented to the Council.  The Council will follow up on posting job ads for City Clerk and Treasurer at the December meeting.


A vehicle struck the old City water pump on 11/2/12.  The responsible party has agreed to fix all damages to the pump and brick platform.  A Police report was not filed, but the Sheriff’s Department is aware of the situation and will file a report for insurance purposes if the damage is not repaired within three months.

Treasurer Wyanda Talley reported she was told that the Chief Operating Officer for the City should be on-site for all water line break repairs.  Councilman Moore will investigate the issue further.

Next Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12th, 2012.
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Monte Railey – Acting City Clerk

Document Revised 12/12/2012 . Revision(s) in italics.

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