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1/14/13 Minutes

Minutes of 1/14/13 City Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri City Council met at the MCCA Building at 7:30 pm on 1/14/13.  Attending:  Mayor Pro-tem Barry Moore, Councilman Joe Selle, Councilman Lloyd Shockley, Councilman Monte Railey, Treasurer Wyanda Talley and Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray.  Citizens Kurt Holland, Lisa & Wilbur Webber, Rick Covey and Schelly Sue Smith were also in attendance.

Minutes of the 12/10/12 meeting were read.

Bills to be allowed:

General Fund
Internal Revenue Service – $752.50
Missouri Division of Employment Security – $125.03
Holliday Sand and Gravel – $932.40
Monte Railey  – $225.21, Acting City Clerk
Bank Midwest – $22.00, yearly Box rental
KCP&L – $875.47
Ferrellgas – $65.00, City Hall tank rental
Steven Wolcott – $70.00, City Attorney
Orrick Gas – $300.00, tank fill at MCCA Building
Excelsior Springs Standard – $43.80, Spring election public notice
Deputy Kyle Fulkerson – $203.80, December patrol
Deputy Tom Morrison – $101.89, December patrol
Deputy Tyler Edwards – $101.89, December patrol
Clay County Sheriff’s Department – $36.07, fuel
John Selle – $40.00, street work
Joe Selle – $357.60, street and maintenance work
Goode’s Service – $207.39, bobcat repair

Public Water Supply District #4 – $2,015.50
Rex Brinker – $125.00, Chief Operating Officer
Ron Sloan – $125.00, Assistant Chief Operating Officer
Wyanda Talley – $412.39, City Treasurer
Jim Talley – $240.22, Meter Reader
Brandon Gray – $250.00, Water Bill Collector, website maintenance
Deffenbaugh Industries – $1,110.12

Old Business
Brandon Gray provided list of water customers that did not respond to arrears/shutoff letter.  The Council voted unanimously to begin shut off of those end users.  Monte Railey will shop for 13 meter locks keyed the same to lock rather than pull meters.

Schelly Sue Smith advised Council that renter at 104 Walnut left her with water bill for charges prior to 12/2/12 move.  She paid all charges after 12/2/12 and will attempt to collect $115.00, plus late fees, for charges prior to that date.

Brandon Gray spent additional 4 hours on collection activities in December. Councilman Selle made motion to pay him additional $60.00 for that time. It was seconded by Councilman Railey and passed 4 to 0.

New Business
AGC is sending a proposed contract for services to the City Attorney for review.  They are currently working without a contract.  They want to hold a town meeting on 1/28/13 to discuss water project status.  $500,000.00 grant plus 30 year low interest loan of $750,000.00 to cover balance of projected cost.  Councilman Shockley made motion to schedule the meeting.  It was seconded by Councilman Railey.  Motion passed 4 to 0.

City Attorney Wolcott advised Mayor Pro-tem Moore the City can raise water rates to recoup monthly difference between costs and billing.  Current billed rates for end users are less than charges from PWSD #4.

Kurt Holland expressed interest in serving on the City Council.  He resides in ward 4, which is covered until the Spring 2014 election, but will be considered for future appointed openings as needed.

Councilman Shockley made motion to hold a closed session at 7:00 pm, 1/16/13, at the MCCA Building to review applicants for the City Treasurer position.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Selle and passed 4 to 0.

Imo with SSC Inc. at 913-438-7777 asked about a building permit to add to their Missouri City tower.  Mayor Pro-tem Moore advised her by phone that no permit is needed for additions to an existing structure.  Acting City Clerk Railey will send written response via fax.

The Council appointed Monte Railey as permanent City Clerk.  He is not seeking reelection as 1st Ward Councilman.

Councilman Selle made a motion to hire Brandon Gray permanently as Water Bill Collector.  It was seconded by Councilman Railey.  The motion passed 4 to 0.

Barry Moore will research the monthly shortfall of water billing vs. water charges.

Motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Shockley and seconded by Councilman Selle.  Motion passed 4 to 0.

Next meeting is 7:00 pm closed session on 1/16/13 at MCCA Building.


Respectfully submitted.

Monte Railey
City Clerk

Document Revised 2/16/2013 . Revision(s) in italics.

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