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2/13/13 Minutes

Minutes of 2/13/13 Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri, City Council held their monthly open meeting at the MCCA Building on February 13, 2013, at 7:30 pm.  Attending: Council members Barry Moore (serving as Mayor Pro-tem), Joe Selle, Lloyd Shockley and Monte Railey (also serving as City Clerk until 4/2/13 election).  City Treasurer Wyanda Talley, Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray, Treasurer trainee Lisa Webber, plus citizens Denny Roberts and Wilbur Webber also attended.

Minutes of 1/14/13 and 1/21/13 meetings were read.

Bills to be allowed:

General Funds
Dep. Tyler Edward – $199.48 January patrol
Dep. Kyle Fulkerson – $99.73 January patrol
Dep. Tom Morrison – $224.41 January patrol
Clay County Sheriff Department – $56.50 patrol fuel for January
Steven Wolcott – $35.00 City Attorney call with Mayor
Clay County Election Board  – $53.08 Spring election costs
Monte Railey – $215.67 City Clerk January
Orrick Gas – $38.96 MCCA Building yearly tank rental
Steven Wolcott – $122.50 Court time
KCP&L –  $682.72

AGC – $1,110.25 January Town Meeting
Jim Talley – $230.05 January Water meter reading
Monarch Industries – $129.98 Water bill card stock
Brandon Gray – $228.30 January Water bill collection
Public Water Supply District #4 – $1,252.15 January water
Deffenbaugh Industries – $1,110.12 – January trash pick up
Wyanda Talley – $394.91 January City Treasurer
Councilman Shockley made motion to pay bills.  It was seconded by Councilman Railey and passed 4-0.

Old Business
Three missing street signs were installed on 2/13/13.  Five more will be installed this month.

The proposed contract between the City and AGC is being reviewed by City Attorney Steven Wolcott.

The 1/28/13 town meeting was discussed.  Councilman Shockley asked for confirmation that connections to water meters are included in the Water project.  Mayor Moore will verify with AGC.  Grant writer Molly McGovern has requested that the City correspond to State Representative and State Senator asking for support of grant request.   Mayor Moore and City Clerk Railey will create letter.

Councilman Shockley is compiling data to determine how much of a water rate increase is needed   for the City to break even.   The City is currently billing and collecting less per month than billed by PWSD #4.  The issue was tabled for further research and discussion.

Three water customers were identified for shut off due to unpaid bills.  Councilman Selle will contact one who rents from him.  Joe and Mayor Moore will contact the other two to ensure they have received statements before shutting off service.  Plumbing Supply in Excelsior Springs previously advised Councilman Railey that our water meters aren’t designed to be locked.  Councilman Shockley thinks there is a device to clamp/lock meters.  Mayor Moore will investigate further.

A new computer is needed for Waterworks when Wyanda Talley retires.  The current water bill program cannot be updated and is not compatible with new operating systems.   Mayor Moore will research the water bill program used by North Kansas City for possible use by the city to replace the current program.  He will provide information to Brandon Gray, who will check compatibility with available new computers.

The City Pump and Well platform on Main Street that was damaged November 2nd, 2012, has not been repaired.   Jim Reppy asked Councilman Selle at the time for ninety days to make repairs before filing an insurance claim.   The ninety day period was up February 1st.   Councilman Selle will request an incident report from the Sheriff’s  office for the City to file an insurance claim.

Mayor Moore will contact Ferrellgas about removing the propane tank at City Hall and crediting the City for gas in the tank.

The Council discussed having an outside bulletin board to post City business.  Councilman Shockley suggested next to the Post Office entrance on property owned by the I.O.O.F.   He will contact the lodge for permission.  Mayor Moore will fabricate a board with plexiglass cover to place on a pole.

A request to consider a City festival of some type in 2013 was made by Councilman Railey.   Ideas discussed were a car show, a motorcycle show, and/or a live music event.  The issue was tabled until the March meeting.

Councilman Shockley made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Councilman Selle and passed 4-0.

Next meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm on Monday, March 11th, 2013, at the MCCA Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Monte Railey – City Clerk

Document Revised 3/18/2013 . Revision(s) in italics.

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