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8/13/12 Minutes

Minutes of 8/13/12 meeting of Missouri City, MO. City Council

The Missouri City, Missouri, City Council met at 7:30 pm on 8/13/12 at the City Hall. Those attending: Mayor Pro-Tem Barry Moore, Councilmen Joe Selle, Janet Kaczmarek and Monte Railey.

Bills to be allowed:
Brandon Gray, $150.00 for web-site start up expenses
Steven Wolcott, $35.00 for telephone conference with Mayor
Wholesale Plumbing Outlet, $811.04 for six water meters, two 2” risers, and two 12” risers
Deffenbaugh Disposal, $1,110.12 for July trash collection
Wyanda Talley, $412.40 for July City Treasurer
Jim Talley, $240.24 for July water meter reading
Brandon Gray, $190.18 for July water bill collection
Utility Service, $3,094.13 for yearly water tower maintenance fee
Wyanda Talley, $64.00 for postage
Clay County Sheriff’s Department , $35.52 for fuel
Tyler Edwards, $229.27 for July patrol
Tom Morrison, $101.89 for July patrol
KCP&L, $750.39 ($629.58 for three city accounts +$120.81 for MCAA building)
Kyle Fulkerson, $101.89 for July patrol
Clay County Election Board, $227.58 for 4/3/12 election
Monte Railey, $225.21 July City Clerk
Motion was made by J. Kaczmarek and seconded by J. Selle to pay the bills. Motion passed

Old Business:
Utility Services inspected and passed the water tower on 8/10/12.

AGC forwarded answers to questions regarding water system grant to MWWRC.

Mayor Moore met with Clay County Collector Sandy Baldwin regarding the county collecting taxes for city. The fee will be 1.6% of collected tax. County already charges city 1% for current arrangement, so increase will be additional .6%. The council approved a contract for the county to collect city taxes for the years 2012 through 2015.

Water bills unpaid after 30 days will be considered delinquent and subject to turn off when meters are read the subsequent month. Example; meter is read 7/20, bill received 8/1 and due 8/15. Service for bills unpaid as of 8/20 will be shut off as meter is read.

Brandon Gray presented a mock up of a proposed new city web-site home page. The Council approved the proposal and Brandon will add content as it is provided. Yearly costs are $83.40 for hosting, $10.69 to register the name, and $12.00 for a yearly domain fee. The Council approved a check in the amount of $150.00 to Brandon $150.00 for web-site expenses. Domain options are,, and Council prefers Brandon will follow up to establish a site and report details back to the council.

Mayor Moore advised council of results of property line issue at 301 Main. Carport is partially on city property and must be moved. The property owner was not home and has not yet been advised. Mayor Moore will follow up.

New Business:
Rhonda Sams requested a sign on Broadway explaining there is no turn around where street forks to west at end of pavement.

Sue Hart had questions regarding abatement form issued by Sheriff’s Department for storage trailer. Says no one lives in trailer. Mayor Moore advised her to contact the Sheriff’s Department.

Meeting adjourned. Next Council meeting is scheduled for 9/10/12. A public Tax Levy hearing will be held at 7:00 pm on 8/20/12. The levy will remain $.89 per $100.00 assessment according to Clay County Collector Sandy Baldwin.

Respectfully submitted,
Monte W. Railey, Acting Missouri City Clerk

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