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Minutes of 02/08/16

Minutes of 2/8/16 Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri City Council held their monthly open meeting at the MCCA Building on Monday, February 8th, 2016 at 6:30 pm.  Attending:  Mayor Barry Moore, City Treasurer Lisa Webber, Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray, City Clerk Monte Railey and Council members Sydney Stewart, Joe Selle, Dee Dee Adcock and Rocky Gross.   Residents Wilbur Webber and Micah Schake also attended.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Moore and minutes of the January 11th meeting were approved.

January 2016 Financial reports were read by Treasurer Lisa Webber and approved by the Council

Bills to be allowed (paid February 8th, 2016 unless noted otherwise):

General Funds

( 1/22/16) KCP&L  $681.76 four city accounts

(1/29/16) MO Perm – $3986.00 property & liability insurance 1/1/16- 12/31/16

Dep. Tyler Edwards – 99.73 four hours January patrol

David Allen – $199.48 eight hours January patrol

Clay County Sheriff Dept.- $41.40 fuel used on January patrol (72 miles)

Monte Railey – $220.43 February City Clerk salary

Orrick Gas – $38.96 tank rental MCCA Building

Feldmans – $12.99 for steel strainer for city water pump

Bill Slater – $50.00 five cleanings of MCCA building: 7/15, 12/15 (three times) and 1/16 at $10.00 each

Steven Wolcott: $367.50 court dates from 9/15 through 12/15

Goodes Service – $58.00 oil change on city truck

  1. Employers Mutual – $157.00 workers comp audit 1/1/5-1/1/16

Joe Selle – $257.41 twenty five hours of city work


(1/14/16) MO Rural Water Association – $675.   Class registration fees for three Council members

(1/22/16) Deffenbaugh – $1143.76 Dec trash

(2/4/16) $309.23 interest on water project credit line

Lisa Webber – $403.65 Feb salary City Treasurer

Brandon Gray – $241.55 Feb salary Water Bill Collector

James Talley Jr – $299.78 Feb salary Meter Reader plus $70.00 in/out fee

Utility Service Co. – $3878.48 standpipe service contract 12/1/15-11/30/16

PWSD #4 – $1077.05 water 12/27/15-1/24/16 (279000 gal)

Deffenbaugh Industries – $1143.76 Jan Trash

Westbrooke & Co – $31.50 Conference call regarding payroll

Audrey Squire – $29.00 meter deposit refund

Brandon Gray – $51.48 five additional hours of collection activity

Councilman Gross made a motion to pay the bills.  It was seconded by Councilwoman Stewart and carried 4-0.

Old Business

Water Rate Increase:  the Council reviewed water rates from 1992-2014 (unchanged), 2014 to 2/8/16 before voting on an increase of approximately 35% (varying from 34.9% to 35.3% depending on usage tier.  Councilman Gross made a motion to adopt the proposed increase.  The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Stewart and carried 4-0.  The increase is will start on the March bill cycle and reflect on April billing.  All water customers will receive a mailed announcement with details of the rate tiers

Water Line Replacement Project:  The new application for an SRF Grant through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is almost ready for submittal.  Art Akin with AGC Engineering advised the Council that, with this second application, the City could be eligible for additional grant funding to reduce the final loan amount needed for the project.  The new application reflects online training from the Missouri Rural Water Association taken by Council members Rocky Gross, Sydney Stewart and Joe Selle, plus the 2/8/16 water rate increase.  Mr. Akin says those additions will raise the City’s overall score for SRF Grant consideration and expects the application to be submitted by February 11th, 2016.

Recycling:   Councilwoman Stewart presented a contract provided by John Blessing with Deffenbaugh Industries calling for placement of a 40 yard dumpster for co-mingled recycling at a rate of $295.00 per load.  Co-mingling means all types of recycling accepted are placed in one container and later sorted by Deffenbaugh.  A list detailing items accepted for recycling and those NOT will be posted with copies provided to all households in town once an implementation date is confirmed.  A motion accepting the contract was made by Councilman Gross, seconded by Councilwoman Stewart, and carried 4-0.

Ordinance Changes:  Mayor Moore advised the Council that City Attorney Steven Wolcott has not yet responded to questions regarding proposed new ordinances and legality of surveillance cameras.  The Mayor will follow up with Mr. Wolcott.

City Hall Repairs:  Citizen Micah Schake volunteered to coordinate outside repairs to the City Hall.  He will meet with Joe Selle to determine necessary tools and materials.

New Business

Mayor Moore presented Resolution 02082016 to the Council.  The resolution commends the 8th grade students at the Missouri City Elementary School for winning the 2015/2016 “I Am Here Youth Photo Contest” sponsored by KC Healthy Kids.  The contest is put on by KC Healthy Kids as part of their “I Am Here Youth Advocacy Program”.  Students in grades 3-8 are asked to show how their surroundings either help or hinder healthy habits through pictures and captions.  Winning classrooms are presented $1,000 to be used for health and wellness projects at their school.   In addition to the $1,000, our 8th graders are eligible for a possible $2,500 additional prize to be determined later.  The resolution was adopted by a vote of 4-0.

The next monthly Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 14th, 2016.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Monte Railey – City Clerk

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