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Minutes of 03/09/15

Minutes of 3/9/2015 Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri City Council held their monthly open meeting at the MCCA Building on March 9th, 2015 at 6:30 pm.  Attending:  Mayor Barry Moore, City Treasurer Lisa Webber, Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray, City Clerk Monte Railey and Council members Joe Selle, Rocky Gross and Dee Dee Adcock.  Councilwoman Schelley Sue Smith was absent.

Citizens Micah Schake and Wilbur Webber also attended.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Moore and minutes of the February 2nd, 2014, meeting were read and approved.

Financial reports for February 2015 were read by the Treasurer and approved by the Council.

Bills to be allowed (paid 3/9/15 unless noted otherwise):

General Funds

(2/12/15) Dep. Tyler Edwards – $299.22 for January patrol

(2/12/15) Dep. David Allen – $199.748 for January patrol

(2/12/15) Clay County Sheriff Dept. $43.12 for January patrol fuel

(2/23/15) KCP&L – $708.32 for four City accounts

(3/3/15) Goode’s Service – $1015.16 for new set of tires on City truck

Monte Railey – $220.43 March City Clerk salary

Barry Moore – $62.46 reimbursement for City truck parts from O’Reilly Automotive

Steven Wolcott – $245.00 for court appearance and writing Procurement and Ethics Ordinance #138

Joe Selle – $211.08 for snow plowing

Orrick Gas – $38.96 for MCCA Building tank rental

Karen Ball – $220.00 for 2014 audit

Dep. Tyler Edwards – $199.48 for February patrol

Clay County Sheriff Dept.  – $13.23 for February patrol fuel


(2/12/15) Deffenbaugh Industries -$1143.76 for January trash pick up

(2/27/15) USPS – $132.00 for utility bill postage

Lisa Webber – $403.65 March City treasurer salary

Brandon Gray – $241.55 March Water Bill Collector salary

Public Water Supply District #4 – $1791.23 for water 1/25/15-2/24/15 (reflects rate increase from $3.09 to $3.19 per 1000 gallons)

Jim Talley – $253.60 for March Meter Reader salary plus two meter in/out

Cretcher-Heartland – $100.00 2015 bond for City Treasurer Lisa Webber

Karen Ball – $369.40 for reformatting 2013-2014 financial reports

Lisa Webber – $576.63 for extra hours working on reformatting 2013-2014 financial reports

Brandon Gray – $51.48 for five additional hours in February for collection activity

AGC Engineering – $2,936.11 for invoices 01-2015-19 and 02-2015-12

Councilwoman Adcock made a motion to pay the bills.  It was seconded by Councilman Selle and passed 3-0.

Old Business

Water Line Replacement Project:  The Council agreed to pay two of five invoices from AGC Engineering for work to date.  Funds will be reimbursed by the pending line of credit for pre-construction expenses that in turn will be reimbursed by DNR loan funds after construction commences.  Surveyors and engineers will be in town in weeks to come identifying current water line placement and surveying for the project.  Notices advising City residents will be posted.  Karen Ball and Lisa Webber have reformatted 2013-2014 financial reports per DNR requirements.  The public hearing regarding environmental impacts of the project that was tentatively scheduled for today (3/9/15) has been postponed until May at the soonest.  Art Akin with AGC plans to present preliminary design information at that time.  Additional Ordinance regarding  (1) reduction of lead in drinking water and (2) backflow hazards and cross connection, plus a waterworks  emergency operating plan are needed for the DNR DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire).  Those three items will be referred to City Attorney Steven Wolcott for preparation.  Mayor Moore and City Clerk Railey attended status meetings with Art Akin of AGC Engineering and Grant Writer/Administrator Molly McGovern on 2/19/15 and 3/5/15 at the AGC office.  The next status meeting is scheduled for 3/29/151/22/2015.

Mayor Moore will advise resident Lloyd Shockley that the MCCA Building is available for community meetings.

10/16/15 DNR Water System Audit:  The City is now compliant on issues identified during the audit.  Ordinances covering (1) reduction of lead in drinking water and (2) backflow hazards and cross connection are being addressed via the DDQ for the water line project.


New Business

Joe Selle will drop gravel in holes on Cemetery Hill Road to hold until paving can be done.  He will also skim dirt at the intersection of Main and Stillhouse to allow water to drain from the streets.

Ordinance 138 regarding City Procurement and Ethics policies was presented to the Council.  Mayor Moore read  the entire document once and then twice more by title.  Councilman Gross made a motion to adopt the Ordinance.  That motion was seconded by Councilwoman Adcock and passed 3-0.

Councilwoman Adcock made a motion to adjourn.   The next meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on Monday, April 13th, 2015, at the MCCA Building.

Respectfully submitted,

Monte Railey – City Clerk

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