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Minutes of 05/09/16

Minutes of May 9th, 2016 Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri City Council held their monthly open meeting at the MCCA Building on May 9th, 2016 at 6:30 pm.  Attending:  Mayor Barry Moore, City Treasurer Lisa Webber, Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray, City Clerk Monte Railey and Council members Sydney Stewart, Joe Selle, Micah Schake and Rocky Gross.  Resident Wilbur Webber also attended.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Moore.  April 14th meeting minutes and financial reports were read and approved.

Bills to be allowed (paid May 9th unless noted otherwise)

General Funds

(4/25/16) KCP&L  $655.36 four city accounts

(4/25/16) Bill Slater – $20.00 for cleaning MCCA Building on 3/21/16 and 4/10/16

Dep. Tyler Edwards – $249.34 ten hours April patrol

David Allen – $199.48 299.22 eight hours april patrol

Clay County Sheriff Dept. – $34.50 fuel used on April patrol (71 miles)

Ron Davenport – $100.00 for two windows repaired in City Hall (upstairs west side and basement west side)

Monte Railey – $220.43 May City Clerk salary

Joe Selle – $380.98 for 37 hours of City roadwork and mowing


(4/28/16) Kearney Trust Co. – $299.26 interest on water project credit line through 4/24/16

Brad Turley – $6.00 account credit refund for water account 1361

PWSD #4 – $1,270.08 water 3/28/16-4/23/16

Deffenbaugh Industries – $1143.76 April trash pick up

Lisa Webber – $403.65 May salary City Treasurer

Brandon Gray – $241.55 May salary Water Bill Collector

James Talley Jr – $352.60 May salary Meter Reader plus $20.00 in/out fee

USPA – $47.00 Postage for water collection mail

Councilman Gross made a motion to pay the bills.  It was seconded by Councilman Schake and carried 4-0.

Old Business

Recycling:   Mayor Moore will check the recycling bin to determine if it need to be emptied.

Spring Clean up:  The Council agreed that placing three trash dumpsters in town over the April 29th weekend went smoothly.  Councilman Selle reported very little junk was left on the ground.  The City not yet received a bill from Deffenbaugh Industries for the dumpsters.

Water Project:  A letter of support for the project was provided by State Senator Dan Hegeman and forwarded to Art Akin with AGC Engineering.  It was added to the application package for DNR review.

City Hall repairs:  The two broken windows in City Hall have been repaired.  Mayor Moore advised the Council he is shopping for the proper lumber necessary for City Hall siding repairs.

Sidewalk repair on Main Street:  Mayor Moore advised the gathering that repairs were completed prior to the May 7th parade.

Water leak responsibility:  The Mayor and Council reiterated current policy that any leak on the customer side of the meter is the customer’s responsibility, but agreed to temporarily shutting off service in emergency situations if necessary to minimize water loss for all parties.

Updating Ordinances:  The City is waiting for a status message from City Attorney Steven Wolcott.

New Business

Mayor Moore reported that repairs are needed in the water meter pit at 317 Main.  Three ditches have been identified for clearing.

City Clerk Railey reported on attending the 2016 Sunshine Law Workshop at the Clay County Courthouse on May 6th.  The workshop was sponsored Clay County Clerk Megan Thompson and provided by Tom Durkin.  Mr. Durkin is the Public Education Director at the Missouri Attorney General’s office.

Councilman Gross made a motion for Mayor Moore to purchase a Stihl Chain saw for City use, citing Ordinance 138, Section 16, which names the Mayor as purchasing agent for supplies and materials not exceeding $1,000.00.  A Stihl machine will be purchased so it can share fuel with the City’s Stihl limb Saw.

The next monthly Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th, 2016.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Monte Railey – City Clerk

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