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Minutes of 05/28/14 CDBG Hearing

CDBG Public Hearing
Missouri City Water System Improvements
Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 6:30 PM

Name of Project: Missouri City Water System Improvements

Purpose of project, project goals & outcomes: The project objective is to replace the failing and aging system, increase pressures in the upper zone and provide alternate direct alignment from the storage to the lower zone. The project will involve the construction of:

1.      Water Line Replacement (13,730 LF of 6″ PVC and 7,290 LF of 4″ PVC with 6″ PVC)

2.      Water Line Realignment (1,300 LF of 6″ PVC)

3.      Miscellaneous Appurtenances (30 miscellaneous fittings, 12 – 6″ water valves, 13 – 4″ water valves, 2 PRV and Vault)

4.      Fire Hydrant (16 Fire Hydrant assembly, 7 end of line assembly)

5.      Bore/casing 100 LF under Highway 210

Alternate – Emergency tie to Clay County PWSD #7 (870 LF of 6″ PVC water, fire hydrant assembly; 100 LF bore/casing & meter vault)

Description of all project activities by all funding sources and proposed costs broken down by funding sources proposed:

CDBG Financing:


Construction, Grant Administration

SRF Loan:


Construction, Design, Construction Inspection, capitalized interest, bonding and legal



Total cost of project including environmental review preparation and any mitigation/modification costs:

Construction of Distribution Line Improvements




Construction Inspection




Legal/Bond Council


Capitalized Interest


Grant Administration & Environmental Review






Timeline of project including environmental review approval, onset of property easements and acquisition, & construction activities: The grant application will be submitted in June 2014. The environmental review and project design will begin as soon as grant approval is received; approval anticipated in July 2014.

As soon as the environmental process has concluded, the City will complete the acquisition of easements needed.

It is anticipated that bids will be solicited in the fall of 2014, with construction beginning in early 2015 and concluding in late 2015.

Whether acquisition and/or relocation is necessary for the project – outline rights of property owners under the federal Uniform Relation Act requirements: Property acquisition and easements will be necessary for the project, but no relocation is needed.

Identify all anticipated environmental impacts project activities could have on natural, human, and manmade environments: The project will undergo a NEPA review and will review whether any project activities will have an adverse impact on Historic Properties, Floodplain Management, Flood Insurance, Wetlands Protection, Coastal Zones, Airport Hazards, Endangered Species, Wild & Scenic Rivers, Farmland Protection, Noise Control, Explosive/Flammable Operations, Water Quality, Air Quality, Contamination/Toxic Materials, Environmental Justice, Land Development, Community Facilities & Services, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Storm Water Drainage, Lead Based Paint, Asbestos, Energy Consumption, and Radon.

Identify all anticipated environmental impacts to the project by surrounding environments: The surrounding environment according to the categories listed will also be evaluated.

All required permitting: The project will require compliance with permits for the construction of public water systems and as the NEPA review is completed, any other permits identified will be listed as conditions.

All mitigation, project modification, and conditions for approval anticipated during the project: NA, the project will incorporate appropriate business practices as needed to comply with local city ordinances and requirements and environmental regulations.

General overview of CDBG environmental review procedures: Upon completion of the Environmental Review Record, the Record will be available for public review upon contacting the City Clerk Monte Railey at 816-750-4481. A notice will be placed in the paper to notify the public that the record is available for review and that City Hall will receive written public comments for 15 days following the notice in the paper. On the 16th day following the publication, the City of Missouri City will request the Missouri Department of Economic Development to Release CDBG Funds requested for this project. The State of Missouri will commence a second 15 day comment period to allow the public an extended opportunity to provide written comments prior to the conclusion of the Environmental Review process. The Environmental Review Record will describe the conditions that warrant further review during project construction to achieve a successful completion of the project.

Comments from the Public :
1. Why is an alternate connection necessary?
2. The current water lines are the original water lines.
3. Will the meters be replaced?
4. Will the street be repaired after it is disturbed?
5. How close will the new line be to the existing line?
6. The engineer will consider whether pipe bursting is a valid alternative.
7. Will a concrete driveway be repaired with concrete?
8. Do we have several houses on one meter?
9. Is it possible to increase our grant amount?


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