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Minutes of 08/10/15

Minutes of 8/10/15 Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri City Council held their monthly open meeting at the MCCA Building on August 10th, 2015 at 6:30 pm.  Attending:  Mayor Barry Moore, City Treasurer Lisa Webber, Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray, City Clerk Monte Railey and Council members Sydney Stewart, Joe Selle, Rocky Gross and Dee Dee Adcock.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Moore and minutes of the June 16th, 2015, meeting were read and approved.

Financial reports for June and July 2015 were read by the Treasurer and approved by the Council.

Bills to be allowed paid August 10th, 2015 unless noted otherwise):

General Funds

(7/320/15) KCP&L – $706.64 billing for four city accounts

(8/4/15) Brandon Gray – $94.27 city website domain renewal

Dep. Tyler Edwards – $99.43 4 hours for July patrol

Dep. David Allen – $199.48 8 hours for July patrol

Clay County Sheriff Dept.-  $331.05 fuel for 54 miles on July patrol

Monte Railey – $220.43 August City Clerk salary

McConnell & Associates – $31.45 for tack coat for street repair

Ideker Inc. – $888.75 cold patch for street repairs

Ideker Inc. – $150.00 cold patch delivery

O’Reilly Automotive – $16.09 for hose and megacrimps for bobcat

Joe Selle – $339.79 city work through 8/10/15


(7/30/15 Kearney Trust Co. – $74.74 for interest on water project line of credit

(7/30/15) Charlie DeVries – $12.00 Credit balance on final water bill

Printing Systems – $156.79 utility bill printing

Pro Forma – $83.40 toner for Treasurer’s printer

PWSD #4 – $1563.46 water from 6/26/15-7/24/15

Lisa Webber – $403.65 August City Treasurer salary

Brandon Gray – $241.86 August Water Bill Collector salary

Jim Talley – $318.25 August Meter Reader salary plus $90.00 in/out

Brandon Gray – $41.18 4 additional hours of collection

United States Postal Service (USPS) – $60.00 PO Box renewal

Kearney Trust Water Project Account

AGC Engineering – $26,629.64 balance due of charges through 8/10/15

Councilman Gross made a motion to pay the bills.  It was seconded by Councilwoman Adcock and carried 4-0.

Old Business

Water Line Replacement Project:    Monthly status meetings with Molly McGovern and Art Akin at AGC office will resume on August 20th, 2015.  The Mayor, Clerk and Treasurer will attend.   The MO DNR needs accounting practice documents from the City.  Westbrook CPAs in Richmond, MO, will do 2014 audit from data prepared by Treasurer Lisa Webber.  Lisa advised the Council of the need to purchase Quick Book Premier accounting software to produce reports and format required by the DNR.   Brandon Gray will research options for obtaining the needed software.  Councilwoman Adcock made a motion to authorize Brandon to spend up to $500.00.  The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Stewart and carried 4-0.

Street Repairs:  Mayor Moore advised the Council that pothole repairs have begun and 7 tons of cold patch have been used so far.  The work is being done by Mayor Moore and Councilman Selle.   The Mayor estimates an additional 8 tons of cold patch is needed to complete necessary patching.

Ditches:  The Mayor is soliciting bids to clear ditches on St Bernard, Gano and Main streets.

New Business

The 2015 Tax Levy Hearing is scheduled for Monday, August 24th, 2015, at the MCCA Building located at 309 Main Street.  The City Clerk has received the e-mail from the State Auditor’s office with the link to the calculation website, but is waiting for data from the Clay County Clerk.

Councilwoman Stewart polled the Council to gauge interest in researching options for additional recycling bins in town for glass and cardboard.  The Council authorized her to continue investigating available options.

Joe Selle will clear vines from the exterior walls of City Hall and cut small trees around the base of the building.  Mayor Moore has received a bid for repair and painting of the building and will present it to the Council at the next monthly meeting.

Mayor Moore reported that he was contacted by the Mayors of Mosby and Holt, MO. regarding our law enforcement arrangement with the Clay County Sheriff.  Both Cities subsequently decided to disband their local police departments and contract with the County for law enforcement.

Councilwoman Adcock made a motion to adjourn.  The 2015 Tax Levy Hearing is scheduled for August 24th, followed by the next monthly Council meeting on September 14th, 2015.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Monte Railey – City

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