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Minutes of 10/14/13

Minutes of 10/14/13 Council Meeting

The Missouri City, Missouri, City Council held their monthly open meeting at the MCCA Building on October 14, 2013, at 7:30 pm. Attending: Mayor Barry Moore, City Treasurer Lisa Webber, Water Bill Collector Brandon Gray, City Clerk Monte Railey and Council members Joe Selle, Lloyd Shockley, Rocky Gross and Schelley Sue Smith. Deputy Tyler Edwards and resident Wilbur Webber also attended.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Moore and minutes of the 9/16/2013 meeting were read and approved

Financial reports for September were read by the Treasurer.

Bills to be allowed:

General Funds
Dep. Tyler Edward – $199.48 for September patrol
Dep. Tom Morrison – $199.48 for September patrol
Clay County Sheriff Department – $50.85 for September patrol fuel
Monte Railey – $220.44 City Clerk October salary
Joe Selle – $313.97 for hourly city work
KCP&L – $687.19 for four city accounts
U.S. Treasury – $942.78 3rd quarter payroll tax
MO. Division of Employment Security – $104.14 3rd quarter payroll tax
Danny Edwards – $142.81 for fuel
AGC – $570.10 for SRF application
Charles Myers – $75.00 for street repair

Jim Talley – $253.60 for October Meter Reader salary
Brandon Gray – $241.50 October salary for Water bill collection
Public Water Supply District #4 – $2,099.20 for September water
Deffenbaugh Industries – $1110.12 September trash pick up
Lisa Webber – $416.08 October salary City Treasurer
Councilman Shockley made motion to pay bills. It was seconded by Councilman Gross and passed 4-0.

Old Business
Councilman Shockley advised the Council that Ordinance 92, passed 7/8/93, adopted FEMA Flood Plain Criteria that designates the Mayor as the Flood Plain Coordinator. Any building permits requests in the flood plain should go to the Mayor for review. The 1979 Flood Plain map is still in effect.

Rate tables for the new Water bill software are now loaded and all but two customers are in the new system. City treasurer Webber says that will be completed and October water bills will be run in the new system if card stock arrives in time.

Mayor Moore is following up with the Missouri department of Natural resources about questions and concerns regarding the BFI landfill north of town.

The city is seeking bids for ditch work needed on south Stillhouse behind Goode’s garage.

The two trailers sitting illegally on City property are being moved to the Rail lot on Hwy 210.

The SRF loan application for the new water project is ready for the Mayor’s signature.

Deputy Tyler Edwards provided a copy of the fine table that goes with City tickets.

Councilman Gross and Mayor Moore are arranging a meeting City Attorney Steven Wolcott to discuss (1) why his fees aren’t covered by court costs, (2) who to contact about tracking the flow of fine revenue from City court and (3) legal requirements for a City Sales tax.

New Business
Joe Selle reported that a new battery was purchased for the City truck. He will have winter maintenance done on the vehicle.

Mayor Moore received an application for a grant that may cover preliminary engineering expenses related to the water project. He will discuss the grant application with Art Akin with AGC to determine if it can be used for our project.

A water main leak has been identified on Water street behind the Bush garage.

The Council agreed to purchase two extra water meters. The Mayor will investigate options.

Councilman Shockley suggested patching holes in City Hall. Councilman Selle will check on materials.

Charlie Myers asked Deputy Edward for clarification on ATV and UTV vehicles in town. The Deputy advised that such vehicles are illegal on Missouri roads if unlicensed, but that he issues tickets on a case by case basis . At this time, tickets have only been issued for nuisance/disturbing the peace calls during the night. For safety reasons, all ATVs and UTVs in town should have an orange flag during the day and lights at night.

The Baptist Church asked to hold services in the MCCA Building during the winter. Mayor Moore will seek more for the Council.

Councilman Shockley made a motion to adjourn.

Next meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm on Monday, November 11, 2013, at the MCCA Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Monte Railey – City Clerk

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